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You must either modify your dreams or
magnify your skills.

Jim Rohn

Christian Life Coach Roslyn Barker
Christian Life Coach - Christian Life Coaching Advisor
20 Years of Service to the Christian Community

Trusted Christian Life Coach Roz Barker didn't just take a few courses and go into Christian Life Coaching. In addition to extensive education as a Christian Life Coach and in helping people who aspire to Christian Life Coaching service, Coach Barker has also devoted herself to advanced education including a degree in Practical Theology, and certification in Pastoral Counseling, Behavioral Counseling, Communication Skills, and other related fields.

As a Christian Life Coach, Roz creates a Partnership in Progress with her clients, addressing hopes, dreams and goals in their Personal Life, Professional Life, and Spiritual Life, all within the strong foundation of the Christian Faith.

Visit with some Success Stories from clients of Life Coach Barker, and enjoy your first Christian Life Coaching session with Roz free of charge. After all, this relationship really is a partnership, and before deciding on a course of action, we suggest you get to know this caring and infinitely helpful Christian Life Coach on a personal level at no charge.

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What is Life Coaching?
Why should I hire a Christian Life Coach?

 Christian Life Coaching is a process that brings change in your life and God who is the architect is invited into the process.

"It's tough to develop without help...with coaching you get to see your blind spots in a safe environment."   
                         The Denver Post

Christian Life Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action. You, the client, find yourself doing more than you would on your own and becoming more focused and balanced which impacts your effectiveness.

You bring to the table an area you want to see changed and we'll role up our sleeves and go to work.  By the way don't become shocked by this, but you are the expert and with God's help the change agent...I am the one who asks the tough questions and with your approval assign you very specific tasks that if done, will give you what you desire "change". 

These assignments are targeted and designed especially for you.  You are one of a kind and it is said, "The Father knows what you have need of before you ask."

The Marine motto "Be All You Can Be" (I believe) is God's heart for us and He has given us the tools to succeed.

Christian Life Coaching takes you from being ordinary to extraordinary, from being a dreamer to being an achiever, from a procrastinator to one who not only sets goals but accomplishes them, from confusion to clarity.

My Most often asked Question!

  Who Do You Coach?

  • Those seeking to take their career to the next level.
  • Those who are contemplating becoming a life coach.
  • Those who have turned a corner in their life …
    especially those who have retired and see this time in their lives
    as an opportunity to do something new and challenging.
  • Those who through no choice of their own have been downsized.
    Wow!  What a time of mixed emotions, self doubt, and confusion.
    This can be a time that actually works out for your good!
  • "Coaches aid clients in creating vision and goals for ALL areas of their lives and
    creating multiple strategies to support achieving those goals..."  Pat Williams

  Could you use a Life Coach?

Your Personal Life Coach can help you sort through the emotional curves, the challenges of redefining who you are and what you want to do in this new season of your life.

I believe as we partner together your life can explode and can become a passion driven life full of purpose and meaning.

Call today, let's start the process...The first session is absolutely "FREE"

Your Coach:

Roslyn Barker 

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